SATMag-Crowdfunding-1Show And Tell magazine

‘SATmag’ is an exciting new Visual Arts magazine that will function as a central platform for critical writing, interviews, reviews, and a cross-section of contemporary arts activity across South West UK and beyond.

This magazine, with a working title of ‘Show And Tell’, was prompted by a recent event held at the Arnolfini in Bristol. Hosted by Visual Arts South West, it centred around the question as to whether there should be a South West Visual Arts Biennial Festival.
The response was tremendous with over 100 people attending, representing artist run spaces, individual artists, and a wide variety of arts-related organisations; from the Arts Council to the National Trust and everything you can think of in-between. VASW have collated the feedback from each of the discussion groups and a working party has been formed to coordinate and tackle the various issues highlighted.

From discussions during the day it became clear that there is a definite need for increased exposure of visual-art focussed critical writing. To this end VASW, the Arts Councils of Wales, the South West, Somerset Council etc are actively striving to mentor, support and promote emerging critical writers working in the visual arts sector.

There is a desire to persuade artists, curators, gallerists and critics, from around the UK and beyond, to visit the South West region more frequently and experience the proliferation of on-going arts activity that we have to offer.

There is also a need to increase audience perception and engagement with contemporary visual art.

The majority of existing art magazines are either International in nature or allocate just a few pages to visual art within a wider cultural publication; some just offering exhibition listings. SAT mag will primarily focus on South West Visual Art.

One of my aims is to reduce the level of ‘art-speak’ and make artworks more accessible. This is not a dumbing-down process, but an effort to persuade artists and curators to reassess the methods in which artwork is presented; to change the practice of artists talking to themselves, to that of artists talking to the public.

The magazine will be supported by regular updates on the following website:

If you know of anyone who may wish to support this magazine please mention or forward this page to those you think may be interested.


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