Artist Statement

In June 2010 I graduated from UWE – Bristol, with a degree in Fine Art. My interests include painting, photography and sculpture. I have recently moved into a studio at the 44AD Artspace in Bath:

My artwork is driven by process and response; both the very process of painting itself, and a response to visual and physical interactions that occur on the canvas before me.

For my degree I focussed on the American Abstract Expressionist artists, particularly Franz Kline, Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman. I am equally inspired by more contemporary artists such as Gerhard Richter, John Virtue, Alexis Harding, Susan Gunn and Jason Martin.

My artwork is very much medium based. I often combine conventional studio-based mediums such as oils, inks and acrylics, with household and industrial materials such as shellac, bitumen, turps, gloss and emulsion paint. I am at my happiest when the entire surface is wet and becomes totally animated.

I am fascinated by things which have a temporary transitional character; such as those moments of magic when an image appears in a darkroom developing tray.

Since graduating I have had work accepted in a number of group exhibitions, including the Threadneedle Prize in London.

Director of Fringe Arts Bath


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